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Weston is a city located in Broward County, Florida, USA. Established as a city in 1996, much of the community was developed by Arvida/JMB Realty and is located near the western developmental boundary of Broward County. An 800 year old Tequesta Indian burial mound is located in the city.

The 15,000 acres of land now comprising the City of Weston was first amassed in the 1950’s by a gentleman named Arthur Vining Davis, the original owner of Weston's primary developer, ARVIDA. Over the course of the ensuing years, plans were prepared as to how the land would be developed and how that development would be financed, and the area now known as Bonaventure was sold to be developed separately.

The development was originally known as Indian Trace, and in 1978 with the first of what would be many development plans complete, the Indian Trace Development of Regional Impact (DRI) was approved, which permitted in excess of 25,000 dwelling units to be constructed, although subsequent amendments reduced that number to 17,000. Shortly thereafter, in 1981, the Indian Trace Community Development District was created for the purpose of financing and managing the construction, maintenance and operation of water and sewer mains, water management bodies, and arterial roadways, and was governed by a five-member developer appointed Board of Supervisors.

The name of the Arvida development was changed from Indian Trace to Weston, and in 1984 the first homes were completed in Windmill Ranch and Country Isles, and Weston had its first residents.

In 2006, Money Magazine ranked Weston 20th in America in the "Biggest Earners" category. It was also ranked as the city with largest job growth in Florida and 18th largest in the nation. BusinessWeek ranked Weston as one of the "best affordable suburbs" in the United States in November 2006. Due to it being a fully planned community, local realtors often state that "everything is located exactly where it should be."

At VVM Therapy we serve clients in Weston and throughout South Florida who are seeking effective pain management solutions and stress reduction techniques. Our services include CranioSacral Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Hatha Yoga instruction.

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